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The loop: Earth Hour - Go Beyond the Hour

THE LOOPjulia grieve
The loop: Earth Hour - Go Beyond the Hour

Earth Hour, 60+. What’s in a name? Earth Hour started in Sydney Australia as an initiative to bring awareness to climate change. It began as a symbolic lights-out event, but it has grown to become much more than that.

People around the world have started their own initiatives beyond the hour from hosting events, pushing for environmentally-friendly laws, to raising money for environmental charities.

What exactly is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is exactly what it sounds like. It is an international voluntary act to shut off all non-essential lights for a whole 60 minutes. It takes place between 8:30pm – 9:30pm on March 30th.

The power behind this special event is the people. Earth Hour is an international event, allowing not just one or a few voices to be heard, but billions of voices to be heard from across the globe.

But why?


Global Warming. That’s Why.

Extreme weather events, forest fires, the destruction of coral reefs, the disappearance of island nations, droughts, all and more are the ways climate change is affecting global environments. There are many causes of this disastrous change to the planet, but one of the major ones is fossil fuels. We need to change to more clean and renewable sources of energy. Global temperatures have risen to a whole 1.5°C since the birth of the industrial revolution. Scientists predict that raising to another 0.5° will bring about more and frequent extreme weather events, causing great social and economic costs. We are only beginning to feel the effects of climate change, but the ones who will suffer the most will be our children and our grandchildren—if we do nothing.


If we make an effort to change our ways now, we will be able to protect important animal and plant habitats, we will be able to breathe in less toxic air, and we will be able to prepare ourselves for the results of climate change. Together, we can do our best to reverse climate change’s effects, and properly prepare ourselves for its impacts.

What can I do to help?

Here at preloved, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. As you know, we use nothing brand-new. All of our materials that we make our clothing with are made with deadstock fabrics and vintage clothing. We cut emissions by avoiding the production process of producing new fabrics.

You can help in many ways too!

Step 1: turn off your lights for this designated hour. That’s the least you can do, but if you can, GO BEYOND.


Go Beyond the Hour…

There is a reason behind the 60+ Earth Hour logo. 60 minutes are in an hour, and the non-profit hopes that individuals, groups, businesses, and governments of the like will go beyond the hour by setting forth more eco-friendly ways of living.

Here’s a few more things that you can take part in for the hour, the day, and the year even!

  • Turn off lights whenever you are not using them throughout the year!

  • Talk about the environment and let other people know about this special day and its meaning. All you need to do is tag @EarthHour and use the hashtag #Connect2Earth, and Earth Hour will share your posts!

  • Use official Earth Hour logos and banners on your websites, social media outlets, and/or blogs found here and here to help spread the word!

  • Attend Earth Hour events! Check out where you can find Earth Hour events happening near you here

  • Volunteer at environmental organizations, and/or donate to them!

  • Go for a walk by yourself or with some friends and appreciate nature!

  • And our favourite, avoid fast-fashion and consumerism! Thrift stores are your best friends, and you will be amazed by the cool and unique stuff that you find there!

How will you do your part to protect our home?

Visit the official Earth Hour website to learn more on how you can make a difference at

Written by Ivory Garlock


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