Life Lived by: Patti-Jo & Heather

In honour of International Women’s Day, we continue with our profiling of real incredible women. Today, we feature not just one amazing woman, but two!

Heather Park (left) and Patti-Jo Pumble (right)

Heather Park (left) and Patti-Jo Pumble (right)

It’s all about women supporting women. The lovely sister-in-law pair, Patti-Jo Pumble and Heather Park, have been running the activewear shop known as One Tooth in Sarnia since 2012. It came like a sign. While in the small Sarnian community of Bright’s Grove, a fabulous stylish jacket caught their eyes. After discovering that the jacket belonged to the Canadian company One Tooth, Patti-Jo and Heather decided to pursue a franchising opportunity with them together. Along with official One Tooth apparel, they sell an assortment of ethically and Canadian produced merchandise. Their main focus: activewear for all occasions. Patti-Jo and Heather strongly believe in honesty, quality, and community. They take pride in supporting things made in Canada as well as the Sarnian community through local charities and fundraisers. Most of all, they support one another; nothing can stop this dynamic sister duo!

While we had the honour of having the One Tooth Sarnia co-owners in the office, we took some time to ask Patti-Jo Pumble and Heather Park a few questions:

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Patti-Jo: It is an opportunity for us to think about women who are less fortunate. We have been blessed with so many great opportunities, and International Women’s Day is about thinking about them and how we can use our blessings to benefit those less fortunate.

Celebrate yourself! Believe that we are all free!

I also think Women’s Day is about celebrating ourselves. Seeing the best in ourselves and in others.

- Heather Park

How did you get to know one another? 

Heather: Well, I married her brother.

Patti-Jo: Yes, my brother was dating her while I was living out West. When I came home, she cooked me a lovely dinner, and I got to know her. We then opened a business together; we always knew we would if we were in the same city.

Heather: We just bonded so well. 

Patti-Jo: We are also a month apart in age!

What is the relationship that you two have, and does that strengthen your business?

Patti-Jo: Even though we are friends, sister-in-laws, and business partners, we are very different, so we complement each other well. We think it really works. We have enough similarities too.

Heather: Yeah, even when we would go out shopping separately, we would still come home with the same pair of shoes! 

Patti-Jo: And we both agreed at the beginning that if we didn’t feel the same way about a certain decision, we wouldn’t do it. It has always helped us with our decision-making.


What are some of the trials that you two had to overcome together?

Patti-Jo: The month before we opened, our niece (my sister’s daughter) was diagnosed with cancer. That was a trying time in the family. We’ve also had a few stressful business times, but we were always both on the same page. We would go back and forth and listen to each other on how we felt about the situation.

What is your favourite sweet thing?

Patti-Jo & Heather: We both like red wine and chocolate ganache!

What are some of your pet peeves?

Patti-Jo: In our store, body-shaming is our pet peeve. We try to help women feel more confident by helping them select products that work for them that they may never had realized. 

Heather: We always try to make customers feel good about themselves. Sometimes they leave the store shocked and surprised at how good they feel.

Patti-Jo: The point of our store is not to just to sell clothes, but to empower women to feel good in all that they do.

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

Patti-Jo: The Warmth! Freshness, growth, and new beginnings! New season, new clothes, new everything!

Heather: The sun and tulips! I love tulips. 


Bonus question (courtesy of Patti-Jo) – If you were an animal, what would you be?

Heather: I am a cat. You can only touch me when I want you to touch me. When I find the sun, I just want to lay in it.

Patti-Jo: Heather is also very pretty ;). Cats always look so well-groomed and put together.

Patti-Jo: If I were an animal, I would be a yellow lab dog. I want to be happy and I want people to be happy. I also love hugs!

Continue to stay with us as we bring to your attention some more incredible women that will make you proud to be Canadian and a woman!

Written by Ivory Garlock

Photos by Dulce Milay

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