THE FEATUREjulia grieve


THE FEATUREjulia grieve


 Self proclaimed accidental environmentalist, Julia Grieve is here today , and is ready to share her secrets on how to master sustainable fashion, without really trying

Jules and Tracy standing to the left of 3 mannequins:

“Honestly Tracy, sustainable fashion is much easier than you think.   You don't need a degree in environmental science to make a difference.  You need a little common sense, a bit of creativity and a tonne of fun.  And without the fun it won't work.  This is fashion,  so we need to take the pressure off of ourselves, and realize that every little bit counts.’


so lets start : 

#1 READ LABELS : ( tracy and jules move to first mannequin)

OK Tracy, you can see here I have a dress on the mannequin that is inside out.  Everyone is wearing their clothes inside out this season. All the cool kids are doing it.  haha.  No, I just wanted to bring to your attention the label.  I think as fashionista's, we have spent most of our lives looking at the labels, but really only reading who the brand is. well lets take it one step further and read where this garment was made.  You don't need to be an expert in 'carbon footprint" to know that clothing made at home is going to be better on our planet.  It's very simple, things made locally make a difference, and if you want to make a difference, support that.  



Now this is a big one that we all can do.  They say that the  fashion industy is the second most polluting industry after oil.  I know, pretty depressing.  But hey let’s not get down, let's take steps to correct this.  One of the main reasons that the industry is so damaging, is because of all the garment care - AKA laundry -  water consumption energy for drying, dry cleaning, all of that adds up. So, make a few adjustments to you laundry routine.  Try a bit of hand-washing, use cold water, lay flat to dry .Not only is that going to help the environment, it’s going to save you money and protect the life of your clothes.  So again, simple changes - I am not asking you to spell “biodegradable”,  I am just saying, switch the knob to cold!  Easy!


#3 . 3 WEAR RULE ( jules and tracy move to the next mannequin) 

This is actually something I started with my daughter.  That teenage need for something new ALWAYS.  So I don't buy anything for her, unless she can tell me 3 events where she is going to wear it.  It’s a really fun game we do and now I do it with all of my purchases.  It slows things down a bit and makes us really appreciate the purchase   I mean this is fashion and consumption is fun.  But we can all be a conscious consumer.  I mean come on , if princess Kate can be caught in the same outfit 3 -4 times, I think we all can do the same!



Another thing we can do is start to understand what fabrics have a better footprint.  There are a tonne out there, and I am not going to tell you have to walk around in a hemp track suit (although that could be cute)! But things like organic cotton, (sounds good) . Natural linen (sounds good) . How about this beautiful dress, made from ( will fill in when I pick it up tomorrow) .  Again, you don't need to know everything, and there will be that time, when you fall in love with that dress made out of polyester.  It happens to all of us and you know what, it’s OK. Go for it. Wear it often, care for it, and love it.  Then donate it when you’re ready to move on. But in the meantime, keep your eyes open for things made out of tencel!  


#5 UPCYLE and VINTAGE ( jules and tracy move to the third and final mannequin) 

Ok, this one, goes straight to my heart ( haha) but it is honestly the easiest way and most cost efficient way to become a green goddess!  Fashion is so fickle.  Everything comes around again.  You can bet your bottom dollar that every trend this season is just sitting there waiting for you in a second hand shop.  Now you may need to alter it a bit, to make it current, but really slight alterations.  Shopping second hand can be overwhelming at times, but this is where I say creativity comes into play.  It doesn't take a lot of money to green-afy your closet. Just a bit of creativity,  common sense and a tonne of fun. 


And really Tracy that is my bonus tip #6  FUN. If you can’t have fun with fashion, it's not worth wearing.   So don't be intimidated - jump in to sustainable fashion, go for it, you can't screw it up! 


‘We set out to make you look good, saving the planet just happened’

‘the accidental environmentalist’

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