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THE LOOPjulia grieve

We firmly believe it’s possible to support the Sustainable Style Movement, and still indulge our love of shopping.  Quality over quantity is the name of the game when it comes to mindful purchases; shopping vintage and repurposed are great ways of satisfying our sartorial urges without engaging in fast fashion fixes, but an equally important step in keeping our style sustainable, is how we maintain and care for our carefully curated closets.  Resoling and Repairing Footwear, Proper Seasonal Storage, and making use of Consignment Shops and Donation Services are all ideal actions to ensure your clothing choices have the longest shelf life possible, and go to a happy home when you’re done with them. 


 Resoling and Shoe Repairs

After spending several seasons re-buying the same black ankle bootie, why not save money and environmental resources by resoling the pairs you already own.  Get the most out of your shoes by bringing them in for some upkeep before they’re beyond the point of no return.  Be sure to plan ahead as resoling and repairs aren’t a quick fix, quality workmanship takes time.  If you’re in Toronto make sure to stop into one of our favourite footwear first aid shops,

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 Proper Storage

When you have to rotate four seasons of clothes regularly, proper storage can make all the difference in the longevity of your closet.  We love the All Purpose Storage Bags from the Laundress, cotton and zippered, they’re the perfect way to protect your clothes from dust and pests.  Don’t forget to ensure seasonal items are laundered before they’re stored; The Laundress also offers a complete line of all natural detergents to gently clean clothes without chemicals, and although they do not ship to Canada, they’re available at several Canadian retailers that do.  Check them out at


 Consignment Shops And Donations

What to do with that had-to-have-it dress that still has the tags on, and is taking up prime retail in your closet?  Consignment shops will take on trend items in very good condition and resell them, giving you a portion of the proceeds.  Higher end shops like are choosy about what they accept, and offer a carefully curated shopping experience of gently used designer goods.  More casual stores like will accept a wider range of goods and donate what they can’t sell, as well as a portion of their proceeds to charity.

Charlotte is a freelance writer for Huff Post, whose current obsessions include plant based eating, yoga, green beauty, and sustainable style. Follow Charlotte Singman on instagram for stay up to date on her daily musings.