THE LISTjulia grieve


THE LISTjulia grieve

Do you ever look in your closet and think,  “ugh…I have NOTHING to wear”? I do it every day, even though my closet is bursting with awesome choices for every season. Yet, when a new season rolls around, I’m usually rushing out at the first drop to buy the latest trends, instead of just moving hangers around and taking a harder look in my own closet. One of the easiest things we can do to “green” our life is to cut down on clothing consumption. So, let’s start in your closet and see how we can turn your current wardrobe into one for all four seasons.  Now, I don’t expect you to swelter in cashmere sweaters in July, but with a few key pieces, and a couple of clever styling tricks, you can take your wardrobe from January to December!


Dress over jeans:
While not for everyone, wearing a dress over your jeans or leggings in the cooler months is a great way to get more wears out of simple dresses.  Dresses over jeans work with both short dresses and long.  Pair with high booties for night, or with your fave sneakers for day.  Bonus: if your bum is your unhappy spot…the dress has you covered! 

Shirt or turtleneck under dress:
Do you have a fave sleeveless dress? Why not try layering it over a crisp white shirt or turtleneck? This keeps it season appropriate.  And yes, it can be layered over your jeans or leggings. Super cute!


Tights under skirts:
This one might seem like a no-brainer. Of course we start wearing tights in the fall, but instead of just wearing them under your wool skirts, wear them under your summer minis and add over-the-knee boots to complete the look for fall/winter.  This works best if your skirts have a dark base colour like black, grey or navy.  Denim skirts will work year round for you, regardless of length or style. 

Denim jacket:
A great denim jacket is the best layering piece you can own! I wear mine all year round. Over tanks on cool summer nights, and under coats or leather jackets in the fall and winter.  Invest in a great one and you’ll have it forever. 


Wraps and big scarves: 
Why do you think they call it a blanket scarf? Use it as a blanket when it’s not wrapped around your neck in the frosty months. Toss it over the sofa in the summer and I’ll guarantee that when the air con picks up in August…you’ll wrap that baby around your shoulders and thank moi! Wraps are a fab layering piece and layering is essential to the four-season wardrobe. A wrap can be worn on its own in the spring or fall and over a coat in the winter. 

Vests are so overlooked in my opinion, yet they’ve recently made a comeback. Layer over a sweater in the fall/winter, or tank or tee in the summer. They’re the perfect third piece in your wardrobe, especially in a comfy fabric and neutral colour like light grey.

Sleeveless blouses:
Don’t be so quick to pack these away! The sleeveless or short sleeve blouse is perfect for under a blazer or cardi. I keep mine out all year round and end up wearing them regularly (especially during a hot flash – true story). 

So, next time you’re out shopping for clothes, be conscious of the pieces you’re picking and ask yourself, "is this something that will take me through all four seasons?"  If the answer if yes, then you’re on your way to an eco chic wardrobe. 

Vicki Hall is the founder of Glimmer Life, a website that covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle for grown-up girls.  During peak hours, being Mom to two amazing teenage boys and Shadow, her beloved Portuguese Water Dog, is her favorite job. When faced with a dilemma, Vicki asks herself, “what would Jenna Lyons do?”  

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